Twitter recently announced a new and improved dashboard that features far-richer performance analytics, enhancing marketers’ ability to optimize both paid-advertising campaigns and organic activity on the platform.

The new data includes insights about tweet performance beyond likes and comments, including new reporting metrics that detail how various people engage with sponsored tweets, impressions data and other statistics.

According to the Twitter blog, this functionality is available to everyone – verified users, Twitter card publishers and advertisers. 

Here is how the new Twitter dashboard will look, courtesy of the Twitter blog:


New impression metrics include reporting for and Twitter’s app on both Android and iOS apps. Users are also able to see performance of a tweet hour by hour for the first day, while aggregate level data is also available for a 28-day time frame.

New Tweet detail metrics, source Twitter Blog:


With this new dashboard, users are able to view detailed impression and engagement data for both organic and promoted tweets.  Users can further analyze the following key metrics:

  1. Impressions – The number of times users saw the tweet
  2. Link Clicks - Clicks on the link or a card
  3. Embedded Media Links - Clicks to view photos or videos
  4. Detail expends - Number of times users click to expand the tweet to view more details

With this new dashboard update, Twitter has given advertisers access to significantly improved insights, dramatically improving marketers’ ability to interpret how the target audience is interacting with their Tweets.